How to Create An Amazon Business Account in 2021?

Last Updated on April 8, 2021 by Harsh Patel

Howdy everyone, who is reading this blog related to how to create a Business Account on Amazon India. Here in this article, you will find step by step method of how to create your business account.

Amazon as we all know that is one of the world’s richest e-commerce companies which was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994.

Amazon has recently started a Business Account creation facility to their regular and loyal customers who are willing to purchase from Amazon by taking the GST Benefits.

There are many such benefits along with the GST benefits when we create a new business account. If you want to create yours then visit

Click Here to Sign-In or Create a New Amazon Business Account

So now let’s understand the difference between Amazon’s Normal Account and Business Account. In a normal account, you can make a purchase of goods but in that, you will not be able to take benefits like GST Benefits, Business Deals, Offers.

Whereas in Amazon Business Account you can take the benefits of all of them like you can get 100% Tax Benefit, Best Prices, Offer, Deals, and much more. You can add up to 15 members in your Business Group by assigning different roles to them.

It is India’s largest selection of products with GST. Your one-stop destination to make purchase goods for your household, personal as well as office purpose.

Now, let’s start with the Step By Step Method on How to Create Amazon Business Account:

How to Create Amazon Business Account [Step-By-Step Method]

  • Step #1 Open the URL: On Google Chrome.
  • Step #2 Click on Create a Free Amazon Business Account. Then Enter work email in the field.
  • Step #3 Enter Your Details and Choose Your Amazon Business Password.
  • Step #4 Now Enter OTP Sent to Your Mail by Amazon Team
  • Step #5 Fill Up Your Business Information with Legal Name & License
  • Step #6 After Submitting You Will Be Redirected to Amazon Business Homepage
  • Step #7 Then You Can Start Purchasing Goods 🙂

Now let me tell you in detail that what all you have to do to continue the account creation process further.

create a free business account


Step #1: Open the URL: On Google Chrome

After opening the URL the above page will be appearing on your screen. In this you can also convert your existing Amazon Account to Amazon Business Account. Before that you will check out all those advantages you will be getting when get registered for your Business Account on the above following page itself.

Step #2: Click on Create a Free Amazon Business Account. Then Enter Work Email in the field

Once you have visited Click on the “Create a Free Business Account” button. After that you will have to enter your work email that would be better than using your personal email. Like I have entered my company email >

Otherwise, you can also enter your email id which is connect with your Existing Amazon Account. That will automatically convert you existing account to Amazon Business Account.

Step #3: Enter Your Details and Choose Your Amazon Business Password

After entering the work mail address you will be asked to enter your name also choose a password of atleast 6-8 characters or more than it would be more preferable.

Then click on the Next Step button. Before that for your further information you can visit the two of the URL’s given below in the form.

Step #4: Now Enter OTP Sent to Your Mail by Amazon Team

To verify your email, Amazon have sent a One Time Password (OTP) to your mail (for example: if I have entered my new work email harsh@digitalpresso then Amazon will send a mail with an OTP which is to be entered in the following field to get verified and continue further with the Business Account creation.

And if you have not recieved the OTP at the first time then you can click on the Resend OTP link to get the request again on the mail.

Step #5: Fill Up Your Business Information with Legal Name & Liscense

In the following form you will have to enter all your required legal business information like First Name and Last Name, Business Phone Number on which the merchant or amazon’s team can contact you if you have any query regarding your order.

Select a business type in that there are certain options whether your firm is a Partnership, Sole Propreitership, Group of Indiviudals, etc.

In the industry you will have to select that in which industry you’re working in. Goods which will be purchased by you later on related to which industry.

Business license type over there you have to select two options one is GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Number) or you can enter your Business PAN (Permanent Account Number). After entering all your details including the business license number click on the Validate button to continue further.

Step #6: After Submitting You Will Be Redirected to Amazon Business Dashboard

After validating and verifying your business liscense number. You will be redirected to the Amazon Homepage. Where you will be seeing the Amazon Business logo with a smile 🙂

That means your account has been activated and now you can further start purchasing goods for your household, office, personal or reselling purpose also.

Step #7: Then You Can Start Purchasing Goods!

Now you can successfully take the GST Benefits, Business Deals, Today’s Deals, and much more.

Say suppose I want to buy a brand new smartphone of OnePlus, so I will just go to the search bar and enter OnePlus 7T.

Over there I will be able to get an exclusive deal on MRP as well as get GST Invoice that means. If a mobile’s maximum retail price is ₹ 39,999.00 and Amazon is giving me that phone in ₹ 37,999.00 at 5% discounted rate.

Then here the Amazon Business Account’s benefit comes into place that,

As you can see in the below image the price excl. GST is ₹ 32,202.54, and price incl. GST is ₹ 37,999.00

So therefore it was all about the Amazon Business Account Service. If you want to create your business account then you can click here.


Q 1. When and where was Amazon founded?

Ans. Amazon was founded in Washington, the United States of America on 5th July 1994.

Q 2. Who founded Amazon?

Ans. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in the USA.

Q 3. What is Amazon?

Ans. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce portal for A to Z categories of goods. Amazon is also into some technological fields like cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Q 4. What is Amazon Business?

Ans. Amazon Business is the service recently started by Amazon providing to the small businesses and groups of individuals to make a purchase for office, personal as well as household purpose from Amazon Business with tax benefits. World’s largest selection of products with GST.

Q 5. What are the benefits of Amazon Business?

Ans. Benefits of Amazon Business are as follow:
1. Huge range of products with GST purchase benefit
2. Save more on purchases, get exclusive business deals
3. Discover a faster and smarter way to buy for work
4. B2B Online at Best Prices
5. Lower operational costs which include logistics cost, purchase cost, improve employee productivity.
6. Fast & Reliable Shipping. Get 48 hours assured delivery at your doorsteps.
7. A to Z Guarantee.
8. Easy Returns and Replacements
9. Bulk Discounts: Get more offers and deals if you purchase in bulk.

If you want to buy goods and get great discounts on business purchases then click here to avail the offer. Plus get additional price discount benefits as per the scheduled sale timings.


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